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VIASA; Venezuelan International Aviation Corporation, is a missing Venezuelan Airline. Created by the Venezuelan Government in November 1960, it became a joint venture where 49% of the shares were in Private hands and the remaining 51% belonged to the Government. The Fleet, of the most modern of South America at the time, was composed of Aircraft Convair 880 in the 1960s and DC-8 in the 1970s, DC-10-30, Boeing 747-200, Boeing 727, McDonnell Douglas MD-82, Airbus A300, among others. Famous all over the World for being one of the South American Airlines with the most international destinations and with some of the best services on board. We have proceeded to its virtual rescue, modernizing all its fleet without stopping using its famous aircraft, we flew direct, without scales in all our routes, and with the purpose of creating more National destinations, for that reason, with VIASA, “Time flies…”


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